Belbin Team Roles

Enable your teams to adjust to self-knowledge and adjust to external demands

Do you know how your teams are going to perform?

Group behaviour theory can help

People tend to behave and interact with other people in particular ways. Identifying these behaviours enables you to create positive, highly functional teams of complementary and focused individuals.

Nine team roles have been identified – can you spot yourself? Or members of your team?

Action‐oriented Roles: Shaper Implementer Completer Finisher
People‐oriented Roles: Co-ordinator Teamworker Resource Investigator
Thinking‐oriented Roles: Plant Monitor Evaluator Specialist

I can help you to identify the Roles within your team, and advise on …

Caroline is particularly skilled at bringing order, structure and clarity to problematic processes and easily determines a clear vision of the needed outcome.

Mary DeMaria

Senior Manager, Medimmune

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Half-day courses

  • Core skills in project management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Influencing and negotiating skills
  • Effective feedback and appraisal
  • Taking care of customers
  • The key to communication
  • Pitching for finance and partners
  • Facilitation and meeting management
  • Mentor skills
  • Requirements and engineering

Full-day courses

  • Innovation – a commercial perspective
  • Business/Academic collaborations
  • Better presentations – core skills
  • Better presentations – masterclass
  • Developing trusted teams
  • Managing your time and projects effectively
  • The art and science of critical thinking

Video: Caroline Broad delivering a tailored workshop to staff at Medimmune – in the six months following the workshop, managers reported increased efficiency, more timely project delivery and a happier, more satisfied team.